About Leonidas Chester


Leonidas is a world-renowned luxury chocolate maker, selling over 100 different kinds of real Belgian chocolates, through over 1,400 chocolate shops around the world!
Leonidas was founded in 1910 bearing the Greek name of it's original founder, Leonidas Kasdekidis, yet the beliefs that first inspired the company nearly one hundred years ago are as strong as ever. Leonidas guarantees the freshness and quality of its chocolates. They are always made according to traditional methods, using only the finest ingredients; 100% pure cocoa butter for the coating, natural ingredients like fresh butter and fresh cream, and delicacies shuch as hazelnuts from Turkey, Morello cherries from the Perigord, almonds from Italy and walnuts from Grenoble. In short, the finest ingredients the world has to offer. Since his first creations, Leonidas' recipe for success is based on the virtue of impeccable freshness nad the company Leonidas obtained an ISO 9001 certification for quality, which is well over and above the necessary requirements for producing chocolate. Only a small number of retailers are licensed to sell Leonidas chocolates.


Our selection

We have great variety in store- fresh butter creams, pralines, ganaches, caramels, liqueurs, jellies and marzipans. The contents of each gift box will vary. This is because our chocolates are fresh, and boxed on the day of purchase. Although some pieces, such as the Manon Blanc and Manon Cafe, are always in stock and will always be part of the general assortment, other pieces will be in and out of supply as they are freshly made. In addition, note that there are over 100 different pieces, and with our largest 1,5 kg box being around 90 pieces there will not be room for all of them in one box!

Storing of the Leonidas chocolate

Because Leonidas chocolates are fresh, they must be carefully stored, and not kept for too long. Our chocolates are best stored in a cool dark place, below 18°C. They should ideally be eaten within 2 weeks of purchase though will keep for longer if kept in the fridge. Please note that these chocolates should be kept away from other foods with strong odours, so be careful if storing the chocolates in your fridge. Our chocolates can be pre-ordered for delivery on a particular date, in order to ensure maximum freshness for that special occasion.